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An insight into the Making

  Lifeguard Laboratory was established in April 1997 by two experienced Veterinary Postgraduate doctors with a mission of "Working with Agricultural, Food Industry, Biotechnology and Animal Husbandry Industry through accurate, timely and defined diagnostic and analytical tests for increased profits, through identification of problem areas and providing practical, cost-effective solutions."
Our strength lies in Quality testing to achieve Quality Foods/Feed and Unbiased reporting of Problems related to human and animal diet.

Lifeguard Laboratories, with its rich resource of knowledge and expertise in the field of Food Science, extended its application on AGMARK products and got trained under Government of India Agmark laboratories and got approval from AGMARK.  Laboratory supports the Animal Feed manufactures for quality control Programme for the Feed so produced, through its stringent feed ingredient testing and certification.


Lifeguard Laboratories, professionalism and skilled management of laboratory systems, records, efficient handling of samples submitted for testing and utmost integral part of its success is wide and superb clientele base in India and abroad, received ISO 9001:2000 certification from JAS-ANZ, Newziland through NQAQSR Newdelhi.


Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS). Recommended methods and standard operating procedure are strictly followed. Laboratory adopts standards and essential inputs as per BIS specifications. Undertakes testing of Food Grains, Oils, Oil Cakes, Oils Seed, Foods, Cooked Foods, Packed foods and animal feeds for Nutritional, Chemical and Microbiological testing


Association of  Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC). AOAC methods are adopted to undertake testing of all specialty foods including Spices. As per AOAC laboratory can handle Foods-Packed, Cooked, Frozen, Grains, Oils. Beverages-Aerated and Fruit juices. Jam & Jelly. Coffee & Tea, Spices, Animal Feeds &  Feed Supplements, Meat, Fish & Egg, Milk & Milk products, many more to enlist..,


Indian, Japanese, British and United states pharmacopoeia are specified in quality assurance of Nutritional supplements-Aminoacids, Minerals-Micro minerals and Macro minerals, Vitamins -Water soluble and Fat soluble. Drugs and medicaments of Human & Veterinary importance. All input- chemicals, solvents and reagents are of international standard, including men and machinery are as per the recommendation of pharmacopoeia.


Diagnostic Wing of Laboratory comprising of Veterinary pathologist, microbiologist and nutritionist caters to Animal & Poultry Industry , fulfills the clinical needs of  field Veterinarians, technicians and technocrats. Diagnose disease & Recommend a solution, (Sample collection, spot Post mortems). Suggest a nutritional formulae, reformulate the nutritional need, trials and experiments to assure a product quality in Vivo and In Vitro


Lifeguard Laboratories is also a  registered Biotechnology company in Government of Karnataka for Development and Training. Professionals from Lifeguard are approved members of many professional associations and councils. Lifeguard staff undergoes extensive training in skill management and technological upgradation in phase manners to meet the demand with competitive global industry.

Precisely " Focus on quality for life..........forever "                                                                               Essentially,"Focus on quality for life..........forever "                                                                                 " Focus on quality for life..........forever "
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